About Medicine in Practice


Our team combines deep domain expertise with a strong focus on execution.

Tim Bacon, CEO

CEO - Tim Bacon, BA. Tim is a Biologist from York University in England, and has spent most of his professional life in and around the biopharma and medical publishing industries. He is considered a subject matter expert in several of our early WEBFlex Training domains.

Tim has demonstrated his deep cmomitment to adult learning through his pioneering role in founding ISMPP (International Society for Medical Publication Professionals) and his role in leading the society's professional credentialing initiative.

His previous company was a two-time honoree of the Philly 100, a highly competitive ranking of the 100 fastest-growing companies in the region.

Kim Piermattei, COO

President & COO - Kim Piermattei, Esq. Kim is a litigation attorney and experienced entrepreneur with degrees in Sociology and Psychology.

Kim provides insights into many aspects of adult learning and motivation, and has a strong focus on execution

She is also a published author.


We are a "for profit" company, but we strongly believe in giving back to our community and to deserving communities around the world.

Eligible Charities: We select organizations to support based on the following guidelines:

  • Generally not aligned with political or religious causes1
  • Low overhead - 75% of donations to end cause OR <5% to administration
  • Provision of "basic needs" of life (e.g. charity: water)
  • Provision of basic medical needs (e.g. SmileTrain, Doctors Without Borders)
  • Self-sufficiency (e.g. Kiva)

1There may be occasional exceptions in circumstances where faith-based charities are best placed to deliver certain types of desired charitable services.


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